In the Beginning: a Dazed Jane

On Saturday, the 7th, Jane and Mary Jane made it to Syracuse, where our bikes were awaiting us. Having been sent by FedEx, the bikes arrived disassembled…soooo, several hours on Sunday were spent putting them back together, plus taking them for trial rides.

In the picture you see Jane completing the putting together of my bike …. she amazingly knows where each and every of the approximately 25 parts go. I wish I could say I helped, but that would not be truthful. Jane gets all the credit; her looking dazed after such a yeoman’s job is more than fitting.

BTW, Jane and I flew into Syracuse in order to pick up my car, which will be our sag wagon for our cycling trek. Carol, while Jane was working on our bikes, I was making sure the car paperwork (insurance cards, registration, etc.,) was in order, plus oil changed, etc. Should be delightful driving … well, kind’a. You did say you were enamored with stick shifting, didn’t you?

-Mary Jane

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