Jane Checks In from New Orleans

This is Jane, and I am now in New Orleans. After leaving Mary Jane in Baltimore, I drove through Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee on my first day. Yesterday I drove out of Tennessee, into Alabama, Mississippi and finally Louisiana. Stayed outside of New Orleans last night and did the final 20 mile drive this a.m. What a beautiful country we live in, so enjoyed the drive. I settled into our hotel, did some walking, checked out the neighborhood, found some food, then drove to the New Orleans airport to pick up Carol. Must admit, Carol and I did tour the city for quite some time, trying to find our way back to our motel. Still working on my internal GPS mode. Carol and I went and picked up Ramona, so we are three out of four!

For our first night out we went to Mulate’s, a Cajun Restaurant where they played live Zydeco music, quit nice, but we were a bit late so didn’t hear a lot of the live part! Nearly closed down the place, guess that was the case since a policeman escorted us out.

Tomorrow we’re out and about, so much to see. Suspect you’re wondering, “so where are the bicycles?”

Well, one more trip to the airport to pick up Mary Jane, three more days to tour our surrounds, then bring on the BIKES!

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3 Responses to Jane Checks In from New Orleans

  1. Ida Wells says:

    Hello All: I am thinking of you daily..Positive thoughts with a touch of envy…You go girls, I will be watching. Ida Wells, Troutdale, Or (Gateway to the Gorge)

  2. Archer says:

    You guys look great! Have some gumbo for me.

  3. kjwasson says:

    Have a great first day out. I bet you can’t sleep as you are so excited!!

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