Day One

DAY ONE of the ride began this morning in Dauphin Island, Alabama. Without going into specifics, it was very hot and humid. Had a lovely 45 minute ferry ride to Fort Morgan. Noticed many oil rigs off the coast, and strangely, the ones we came close to, didn’t appear to have any human activity. The ride today was short, and from the car driver’s perspective, quiet and easy (few cars and even fewer hills) in spite of the heat. I am feeling very much the newbie with my veteran bike friends, and they are being kind and patient, as I learn their routine. Having ice and cold water is essential, as well as a good place for lunch, which worked out nicely, when we happened upon The Sassy Bass. Destination was Gulf Shores, Alabama, where we checked in for the night. After unpacking the car, Jane took off again on her bike to explore and get more miles. While we showered at the motel, the sky turned dark, and a brief cloudburst gave Jane a shower as well. We’re turning in early… the ride was short today, but the heat made it exhausting. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Day One

  1. Polly Blankenbaker says:

    I’m so enjoying your travel log. I’m way too lazy to participate but can certainly enjoy your sweat.

  2. Valerie says:

    And they’re off! Have fun Freewheelin’

  3. Louise Chapman Winheim says:

    I know it must be hot for you all, however I am sure the beauty of the Gulf Coast must be amazing. We are all rooting for you and continuing to read your blog. So proud of your spirit. Keep rolling.

  4. Mary Jane Irwin says:

    Thanks, Louise! Beauty does abound down here for sure! Thanks for your contagious positive energy . . . looking forward to seeing you in Ohio! Love, Mary Jane et al

  5. Mary McDonald-Caruthers says:

    Glad you are on another bike ride. I enjoy reading about your adventures.

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