Day Two

This part of Alabama seems like “vacationland” with all the water and beach houses on stilts and no greenery. As we traveled northward along Mobile Bay, the properties started looking more “year-round” with lots of foliage and mature trees. As we went along, the homes became estates, one more beautiful and lavish than the next, and the names on the gates were clever and amusing. There were very few cars on the road, plus a nice sidewalk/bike path. The road-kill is amazing . . . we must have ridden past six good sized armadillos and possums that had been hit . . . and the tail wind kept the reminder alive that we had passed a dead animal! The front of the car is full of the love bugs that get squashed as we drive…love bugs are insects that connect and fly together. Forgot to mention all the cicadas we heard in New Orleans, which are apparently absent since we got into Alabama. The lovely corridor of upscale abodes bore no fast food outlets nor places to easily refuel, but we came to a sweet little deli with everything homemade…emphasis on the desserts. Mary Jane was particularly fond of some oatmeal cookies with a layer of peanut butter on top, covered with a rich chocolate topping. Right after lunch as we got on our bikes we encountered some clouds and sprinkles. But the real downpour occurred a few minutes before we arrived in Daphne when we got truly soaked! We were glad to arrive at our dry motel room where we could enjoy a more preferable shower! Spending the next two nights in Daphne…a short distance from Mobile (Mo BEEL as they say here)

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3 Responses to Day Two

  1. Janice Yaden says:

    How many miles per day are you riding?

  2. Karl says:

    I am jealous though did NOT think it possible to put anything but a positive spin (pun intended) on a swift tail wind. I stand corrected. Keep them pumped up and rolling Carol-literally and figuratively. Thanks for the updates ladies. Your adventure sounds like a blast. 110 psi all the way!

  3. Carol says:

    Overall average is 56 miles per day, but had to do some killer long days in Alabama for lack of accommodations.

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