Mobile, AL … Layover Day

First order of business today was the bike shop. Jane and Mary Jane needed some adjustments so after dropping the bikes off, we went to the adjoining mall that had a Super Cuts and a nail salon. An hour later, Jane and Mary Jane had new coifs, and Carol had a manicure.

Mobile is recognized for celebrating the first known Mardi Gras in America in 1703. Every year they have two and a half weeks of pageantry, with costumes, floats and marching bands. There is a public art treasure hunt throughout downtown Mobile to raise awareness of how important oysters are to the economy. Giant fiberglass oysters are sponsored by local businesses and organizations, painted by local artists and placed in various locations.

We walked around downtown…had lunch in a small Middle East sandwich shop, where we had some unusual hummus made with cilantro and turmeric. Not so much garlic as we are used to, but we all agreed it was tasty. Headed to the Three Georges Southern Chocolate Shop for samples and we were not disappointed. The girls in the shop were extremely friendly …we did buy a bag of candy, but they had several of their favorites they wanted us to try. We fell in love with the Southern cheese straws, and then went across the street to the A&M Peanut Shop that had some of the best roasted almonds we ever tasted. (Of course we had to buy some; not only were they tasty, but having almonds for a fast pick-me-up during a bike ride is a must. Also, “of course” we find all kinds of ways to rationalize the choices we are making about sampling the fun food!)

We enjoyed walking the streets (so to speak) noting the beautifully cared for gardens and flower gardens lining different parts of different streets. The temps were in the high 80’s, sunny, and humid.

Upon retrieving our bikes, we were impressed with the workmanship of the bicycle repairman, noting that he had indeed taking care of the issues with our bikes . . . charging us only $17! Mary Jane had been wanting a phone holder for her cell phone. She purchased one at the bike shop and had it mounted for free. Again, the bike shop turned out to be a bargain.

That evening we met Adam (brother of one of Mary Jane’s sons in law, Peter) and his wife Becca, for dinner. They were such a treat to be with, each exuding so much positive energy. Adam knew of a place in Dapne called Manci’s . . . actually quite a special place having been featured on the Food Network. (See photo) Not only was the food an amazing adventure with entrees including unique hamburgers, such as the Hurricane Hamburger, but the decor was also an experience we all enjoyed. Manci’s features funky antiques covering the walls making it seemingly impossible to fit even another tiny artifact anywhere.

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  1. valerie says:

    Thank you for your wonderful updates! I missed you and kinda got worried. Love yous.

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