West Point, Mississippi … Layover Day

We always have chores to do on the layover days and we had a pile of laundry to deal with on this particular one. Additionally, we failed to stop and see a couple of the suggested Underground Railroad sites when we went through Columbus, so we all got in the car and backtracked. The public library in Columbus, is an amazing hub of activity and houses an archived collection of slave documents, newspaper clippings and other impressive slavery artifacts. We learned that Tennessee Williams was born there, so his books and ephemera from the movies that were made from them, were proudly displayed. We also stopped to see the Concord CME Church, established right after the Civil War, and the Missionary Union Baptist Church, which is the oldest African American church in northeast Mississippi.

After lunch at a local cafe which had been recommended by one of the librarians, we were off to get the laundry done in serious. (We learned on our last day off to do the laundry earlier in the day and not leave it until evening, especially when one has to be up early and ready to conquer nearly 70 miles on the bike the next day!) The laundromat was air conditioned, a nice treat given that in past years, spending time at a sweltering laundromat was something we dreaded on our days off. When we returned to the outside air, we were reminded of the sweltering conditions, especially when one stood still for very long. We were refreshed after finding a yogurt shop offering several flavors of the soft stuff, plus topping galore! A wonderful treat for ending our day.

BTW, we saw the cheapest gas of the trip thus far on the way to Columbus: $3.06/gallon. We suspect that prices will go up as we head north.

Tomorrow: 68 miles to Fulton! We’re ready!

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  1. Polly Blankenbaker says:

    Love following along with you.

  2. Anne says:

    Awesome! You should download Gas Guru on your phones and it will show you on a map what the gas prices are nearby, or wherever you choose. Have fun and stay safe!

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