The Motel from Hell

By now you must be getting the idea that crossing the country on roads that are conducive to bicycling, is far different from taking the Interstates. No Starbucks, Golden Arches, Texacos or Holiday Inns. Not much of anything, actually, and how true that was when we got to Iuka, Mississippi, to spend the night. We holed up at the only act in town (and some of us wished we’d slept in the car) For starters, the room we were shown smelled really bad, and the proprietor said it had been closed up for some time, which was pretty apparent. We could hear water running in the bathroom shower, and when he went to investigate, he couldn’t turn it off, but assured us (with a big broad smile) “I can fix it”. One of us emptied a bottle of water in the sink, and it didn’t go down. Calling it to his attention, he turned on the water full force, and some foreign matter spewed up out of the drain. Once again, with a big broad smile…”I can fix it”. Tired and hungry, we left our stuff and went across the street to have dinner. When we returned, his wife emerged to tell us that they had cleaned up and prepared a different room for us if we would move our luggage. Wow, that sounded promising…but really, not so much. The water didn’t leak in the shower, the sink wasn’t plugged, it had been opened and aired a bit, and the floor was drying from its recent wet mopping. But wait!!! Wires were coming through holes in the ceiling, and everything electrical was plugged into extension cords. The little refrigerator was sitting on the sidewalk outside our door thawing, because “it got left on and turned into a giant block of ice” . We checked out the beds…pillows were the thickness of the ones the airlines used to pass out. (in coach) Sheets and cases were thin like chiffon, stained and faded, but didn’t smell bad. No need to comment on the spreads, which we did our best to keep away from. We had hot water for our showers, and the towels were clean and actually dried us off, but we tried to avoid the foam rubber toilet seat that had many splits in the plastic foam. We pulled the beds away from the walls before we turned in and found an unopened can of black eyed peas and and empty carton from a twelve pack. (So much for the wet mopping) Guess it would really sound petty if we told you we had no TV or internet either.

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6 Responses to The Motel from Hell

  1. Kathy says:

    Ahhh the life of traveling!! have fun Kathy

  2. Polly Blankenbaker says:

    Did you jump up and down on the bed to make the cockroaches run?

  3. Carol says:

    Never thought of that…

  4. Soule says:


  5. janice says:

    Hahaha. Sounds a lot like some of the “hotels” I have stayed in in third world countries. That’s why I carry my silk bedsack. Hope you didn’t get bed bugs.

  6. Carol says:

    We do too! (hope we didn’t get bedbugs)

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