Tuesday … the Adventure Continues

Departing West Point this morning, we had no idea what was in store, and it turned out to be adventuresome, challenging and far from the pale. The photo will show that it was almost sunny until we were into the ride a couple of hours. It began sprinkling and then the clouds released a deluge, and there was no place to take refuge. We had Subway sandwiches for our lunches that we brought along, so we went off route a few miles to a lovely park that had sheltered picnic tables. As we ate and rested out of the rain, we watched the storm intensify. Meanwhile we noticed a tire on the car had lost considerable air, and to further the vexation, we were missing a credit card. Jane and Ramona got on their bikes and continued forward on the route, and Carol and MaryJane retraced miles back into Aberdeen with the car. The good news: Tire was fine after adding more air, credit card found, and by the time Carol and MJ caught up with the bikers it had stopped raining.

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  1. Polly Blankenbaker says:

    Didn’t losing a credit card make your heart flutter. It’s bad enough at home, but in a different state. Bad.

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