Oh, the Dogs!

One of the things always in the back of our minds (especially as we travel back roads) is the possibility of being chased by a dog, or in most cases, dogs. In most cases they are friendly and are seemingly fascinated by our revolving peddles which become the targets for a nip or two … not dangerous in and of unless we should lose our balance should the dog actually make impact (which doesn’t usually happen).

For me, (MJ) a barking dog lunging at us from out of the blue is scary, but Ramona (one of our resident dog whisperers) has taught me to stay calm and talk to the beast(s) in an authoratative yet friendly manner, which usually works.  (e.g., “Hey, Bud, what’s up …you need to go home!” etc.) The dog(s) many times stop and just look in seeming amazement, (whew!) … continue running with us for a bit, and eventually go back home.  (BTW, when I asked about leash laws I’ve been advised that many of the smaller towns we travel through simply don’t have the funds to employ a dog catcher!)

In the photo, the scenario played out quite differently! Ramona, Jane and I had stopped to rest and noticed the two dogs lying in the front lawn of the house we happened to be in front of.  We were surprised that they were so quiet, so we started talking to them…”Hey, good doggies …how are you doin’?”  Before long the dogs came walking toward us, tails wagging!  (I should clarify that they went to Ramona … initially ignoring Jane and me … they knew who the real dog lover was!)

Soon it was time to go and as we started down the road on our bikes, the dogs following us,  we kept yelling to them to go back, and go home … to no avail! They followed us for over two miles keeping up even when we were going as fast as 15 mph!  Carol was waiting for us, and the dogs immediately recognized another dog lover … as you can see from the picture, they thought they were in dog heaven, basking in Carol’s affection and warmth she showered on them!  We explained our predicament (that the dogs seemed to want to follow us on our bikes).  Solution:  Carol tethered them with bungee cords ’til we could make a getaway, then she unleashed them and made her own get-away in the car!

(Note: Jane, Ramona, and I sometimes feel like those dogs in the picture, toward Carol. She anticipates our every biking need, greeting us with ice water, cut up fruit and other snacks galore at stops. She prepares our lunches when there are no restaurants around, carefully making sure that the cooler is filled with the sandwich fillings of our choices.  AND, she is constantly researching interesting sights for us to visit wherever we are … how lucky are we?)

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3 Responses to Oh, the Dogs!

  1. Polly Blankenbaker says:

    She’s obviously missing her own baby. Who doesn’t need a dog fix now and then. Be glad you’re there. It’s raining cats and dogs here.

  2. Soule says:

    Yes, the white dog does appear in the photo to have found the “love of her life”. Good dog!

  3. Louise Chapman Winheim says:

    What a gift to be able to communicate with dogs. Very cool.

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