Home Early

I am home after leaving my compatriots to fend for themselves. I am home with my adorable dog Tucker and my sisters two dogs for the weekend. The one picture is of all of us relaxing (sort of) and the others are of Tucker. Circumstances were such that I needed to come home. I am missing my buddies and hope they are having more fun than they can handle.

Today is Mary Jane’s birthday and I wish I were there to help her celebrate. Happy Birthday!

I know Jane can handle the mapping and Carol will continue to take care of them on the road. Mary Jane, our reservationist extraordinaire, will keep the motels in line getting queen beds, no pets, no children, no smoking and a place for the bikes.

Keep the rubber side down. I miss you guys more than you know.


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2 Responses to Home Early

  1. Mary says:

    Hey, Mary Jane, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 70? How did that ever happen!!!!!? Young at heart, body in great shape with biking……and the wisdom of years well lived. Have a great celebration with your cycling buddies…..minus Ramona! You are a dear, dear friend and very loved, MJ!
    Ron and Mary

  2. Oh, thanks, dear friends, Ron and Mary! We are now in Canada (“eh?”), on “your turf”, so near, yet so far! We cycled 63 miles yesterday to Stoney Creek, Ontario, from Niagara Falls. (We had a wonderful dinner in Niagara Falls with friends Larry and Darlene; will post picture at a later date.) Today only 41 miles to Milton . . . our trek is complete on Thursday when we get to Owen Sound. BTW, as usual, we find Canadians SO friendly and helpful. We have had to ask directions a few times and without fail, they will get the GPS on their phone out and help us figure directions. They are so nice. The only “down side” about cycling in Canada is that we have now encountered head winds after enjoying MOSTLY southerly winds for nearly 1900 miles.

    TO ALL: We realize we are WAY behind on our Blog! We just haven’t gotten our act together each night following our “ride-full” days to get something together in a coherent way to keep you up to date. And now that we are in Canada, I cannot send pictures or do email by my trusty phone; the cost is just too prohibitive. We still have lots to catch you up on . . .starting way back In Cincinnati . . . as well as some lovely pictures. Hang in there with us . . . we look forward to catching you up! Meanwhile, we REALLY miss you, Ramona . . . your leaving helps us appreciate even more all the work you put into those DRGs.

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