Afterthoughts from the Driver

Seven weeks away from home. At the onset it seemed like an eternity, yet the amazing history we learned, the adventures we experienced, the things we saw, the people we met and the fun we had, made the time go rather quickly. We have opined about what we would change if we were to start all over, and mostly agreed that had we begun a week earlier, we would have missed the cold, wet weather that met us in Canada, and thwarted the cycling for a couple of days.

We also talked about making a BEST and WORST list, however didn’t get around to it before Ramona departed. Fortunately we never encountered lodging that rivaled the pitiful place in Iuka, which we wrote about, so we know that would definitely have been mentioned. I was asked about the biggest surprise in my journey, and with very little hesitation I replied that it was the fact that they got on those bikes day after day after day, regardless of the circumstances.

I think I can safely say we have no regrets and only a few unmet expectations. The latter stemmed from our inability to access many of the places that were listed in the Underground Railroad reference materials. We found a few defunct, probably for lack of funding, others closed for the season, some were not open on the days we visited, and a couple we were unable to locate. Certainly disappointing, but not enough to spoil the trip or the spirit in which it was undertaken.

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4 Responses to Afterthoughts from the Driver

  1. Polly says:

    I’ve enjoyed your trip too. I might have done it on a motorcycle or auto, but never on a bike. Hats off to the ladies, they could have been Harley riders or tougher yet Harley passengers. I’m looking forward to hearing about it in future conversations. Hugs to you all.

  2. Soule says:

    Congratulations to all of you!! I’ll bet you all have callouses in places you didn’t know you had!

  3. My respect and awe to all of you. Such courageous and funloving you woman all are. Only wish I was so young in spirit. I’m sure, a trip you shall never forget Joanne

  4. Bob Carter says:

    Congratulations!!!! —to all of you! I so enjoyed following your trip. Thanks again for sharing with us your journey.

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